The Architecture design is a logical, technical and scientific process being able to identify the forms and regulations and processes that create a dedicated space for a person in order to carry out specific activities such as living, work, and relax, and healing etc.

In our designs, we first and foremost rely on the creative imagination where the foundations of design, requirements and technology are mixed together in a graphical and descriptive patterns as the architecture design reflects, explains and solves either aesthetic or technical aspects related to housing in its broad meaning.

We are also working to create a relationship between architecture and planning, designing and building models, spaces and atmosphere that reflect the functional, technical and aesthetic considerations. The creative usufruct is required for the coordination of materials, technology, light and shades.

Studying the practical aspects to execute the buildings and structures, including schedule, cost and construction management. Documents that are normally produced by us are drawings, plans, technical specifications and illustrative studies of the idea of design.

We are keeping in mind when designing:
  • Type of the project
  • Topographic features (flat, sloping land …)
  • Costs and constraints
  • The location (the project area as part of  the surrounding area)
  • Ways to bring out the project area
  •  Traffic
  •  Paths between the project environment
  • Zoning and regulations
  • Construction type, elevations, and roads.


The ways we follow to start design:
  • Relations scheme (bubble diagram)
  • Block Diagram
  •  Scotch Plan
  • Scotch Main interface
The programs used by the office engineers:
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • ArchiCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Lumion
  •  3D Max
  • Mavis work.
Smart Buildings
They are buildings where environmental systems are integrated from the use of energy and control of temperature, lighting, sound and place of work, communication. There are characteristics with which the smart building must be distinguished that it must be known what goes inside and outside the building and it must respond to the demands of users. These three qualities can be translated into the need for different technology and systems. Advanced management. Furthermore, the integration of these systems produces the smart building that contains the building systems with which it can respond to the circumstances, external factors and information such as knowing the performance of the building, central computer system in addition to building and networking syst...
Automotive Showrooms Buildings
Those buildings are of the projects, which are speed in designing and execution and connected to the contents of these buildings. These many factors in addition to the product style and purpose of the project.
Medical Buildings
It is the most complicated buildings… where it is interested in the human health. These buildings contain many complexities with all aspects in terms of the technological and scientific advancement, the human philosophy and also in terms of connecting all these factors to meet the needs of the physicians and patients at the same time.
Five Stars Hotels
Travel…… relaxation…… luxury ……… entertainment in Five-Star Hotels , in the stars buildings, the guests of these buildings are considered the stars , hence Batic keeps this principal in mind during designing these buildings.
Commercial, Administrative and Buildings
The Administrative and Office Buildings are changing facilities according to many factors such as technology, materials, energy, time, and place .....etc. The Commercial and Administrative Buildings are of the best initiations for the designer towards innovation, due to the wide space of these buildings which enable him to reach new and unique ideas....